How many stories go untold?
How many memories are forever lost?
How many Heroes go unnoticed?

Unsung Heroes is the way to tell everyone about the sacrifice and service, the happiness and the tears…

The Temora Aviation Museum’s Unsung Heroes Project is a significant initiative to record the personal stories of the men and women who served in the defence of Australia from the Second World War to the present day. Unsung Heroes is a biographical database which includes information about individual men and women who, although not given recognition in the history books, have been vital to the pioneering spirit of Australia’s military aviation heritage. These men and women came from all walks of life and backgrounds and were not necessarily pilots or engineers.

To date, more than 500 interviews have been recorded, a number which is consistently increasing. In addition to recording interviews, we are also seeking memorabilia associated with these individuals and their stories in the form of photographs, logbooks, uniforms, ephemera, and aircraft parts.

Honour a friend, family member or yourself with inclusion in the Unsung Heroes Project sponsored by the Temora Aviation Museum. If you feel you know, or are, someone with a significant story for the Museum to record, please contact us at to nominate an Unsung Hero.

All nominees must have either spent time working with or flying Australia’s military aircraft, or have made a significant contribution to Australia’s military aviation heritage.

By nominating an Unsung Hero, you are ensuring that the memories and stories of a Hero will not be forgotten, which helps to preserve Australia’s rich military aviation history.